Meet the team

Meet the team

Team Amaranthine are the people behind the Ever End series. We’re 6 soon to graduate students game developer currently located in Visby on the island of Gotland. The team’s skills range from game design, art, animation, to programming and music.

Stella Crawford

I draw lots of stuff for Ever End (including these stylized versions of us you’re looking at!) as well as keep an eye on PR/Social media. When I’m not locked to my tablet drawing Ever End stuff, I’m locked to my tablet drawing fanart.

Jakob Hansen

Yo, I’m the dude who does the music and sound design for ever end! I’m a competitive guy and I’m really excited to destroy some folk in smash ultimate! Though that will have to wait until after I finish some music stuff.

Erik Wallin

As lead programmer, my main job is building the engine for the game. In my free time I like playing emergent games where lots of stuff can interact in interesting ways, this includes coding/optimization games.