The End, for now…

The End, for now…

It pains us to announce that the Ever End project is going on an indefinite hiatus. As of now, due to personal obligations and our current life situations, it is hard to maintain a sustainable amount of work towards the project. Therefore we feel it is currently unreasonable for us to make any further promises concerning the project, and in turn to keep asking for your support. For now, we have closed down our Patreon, and the homepage will be closing January 31st. The Discord server, as well as our social media pages will still be up, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

As a parting gift we are giving out a digital collection of art from Ever End’s past 3 years! It includes never before seen assets, designs and pre-production material from the Alpha, Chapter 0, the unreleased Chapter 1 and beyond. For those of you who’ve been keen to see how the story develops, we’ve also included the work in progress storyboard for Chapter 1. We hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at the project’s history!

You can download the Ever End Art collection here (Google Drive)

In addition, Ever End Chapter 0 will now also be free on If you have yet to play it, now is your chance!

Ever End Chapter 0 on

And finally we want to thank Charismatic Insanity for believing in us and sticking with us all this time, Emelie Van Rodin for your invaluable support and guidance throughout the project, as well as TheSpiten, Henric Björk, and everyone who has supported us, played the games, drawn fanart or taken part in Ever End in any way! We at Team Amaranthine are eternally grateful to you all for the opportunity we’ve had to work on and learn from Ever End!

But for now this is a momentary goodbye. While it’s hard to predict what the future holds, until we meet again, remember this… 

This Is Not The End

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