Developer Update 21.7.2020

Developer Update 21.7.2020

It’s time for another Ever End developer update! There is some good news, but also some less fortunate news.

Starting with the good, we’ve spent the summer prototyping the game in the Godot Engine. Progress is slow as we are fighting the summer heat, but we are moving forward at a steady pace. Adjusting to the new engine has been a challenge, but also a valuable learning experience. The engine has a lot of conveniences that will speed up the animation process a lot due to the more user friendly design, compared to the LÖVE engine where we scripted every animation individually… precious memories~

The programmers have been setting up scripts that will help workflow in various ways concerning visuals and audio implementation. Maybe not the most exciting things to showcase, but certainly important features for the longevity of the project.

Meanwhile, as the artist and writer, I have been making in-engine drafts of the visual novel parts of the game. I’ve been making placeholder graphics for essential characters and environments and drafting each coming Chapter with these assets in the engine, based on the narrative script. I’ve also been updating character designs from the Alpha to match the style of Chapter 0, and preparing character sheets for the central characters (which we lacked in Chapter 0, hence the occasional inconsistent designs).

The new design for the protagonist, End.

The current plan regarding future releases is still somewhat vague, but we’ve been thinking it’d be a good idea to publish work-in-progress Chapters as Patreon rewards. As such we’d hope to make more frequent progress updates and create a better channel for our most dedicated supporters to provide thoughts and feedback on the direction of the game. We’ll start uploading pre-release builds of each Chapter to our Patreon in the coming future!

Now for the less fun news…

Due to personal reasons, two of our team members, namely graphics artist Stella Crawford and programmer Erik Wallin have decided to leave the project.

When it comes to programming, Elina (aka. Sakyris) has pitched in and taken over many programming duties, and together with Emil E and the new workflow in Godot, the tech of Ever End will most likely be able to maintain it’s level of quality. But as for art, as Ever End is a very graphically heavy project, losing Stella means we will have to cut back on graphical labor quite a lot, and opt for more efficient solutions going forward. However, awesome visual style is still at the heart of Ever End! And so, it is still our goal to create a cinematic, visually stimulating game for you all. We will do our best to scale the project to the team’s current capacity and hope to have your continued support!

And with that we want to thank these two “ex-soldiers” for the past 3 years. Thank you Stella and Erik for your passion and hard work that you’ve been pouring into Ever End. It has been awesome working with you two, and the team hopes you find happiness and fulfillment in your coming adventures! But we want you to remember that the fingerprints you guys left with us will not be forgotten — The remaining team will do its best in making the future of Ever End live up to its roots!

The cast of Ever End back from 2017, when Team Amaranthine was founded.

Follow Stella and Erik on Twitter to see what they are up to now!
Stella Crawford: @sv3ngalia
Erik Wallin: @weakman54

Written by Emil Kiviniemi
Instagram: 8bitmysli

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