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Hello Amaranthians! …or Everendians …or whatever you should be called ^^

Emil K here, as I figured it was due time for another update! For the past few months I’ve been storyboarding and doing other pre-production related stuff for Chapter 1. It’s been a bit of a back and forth, realizing new insights and rewriting scenes over and over again. Admittedly I might have gotten a bit stuck in my perfectionism, hehe.. But I hope that what we’ve ended up with will be a fun, cool and edgy experience for you all!

Work in progress panels from the storyboard.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team have been taking a break from Ever End. Mostly poking in to provide feedback now and then. But now they are slowly but surely getting back into the groove of things, so I hope we’ll be able to go all out once it’s time for production! Some time ago, Erik discovered Godot, a seemingly simple but accessible engine. It might be just what we need, so we are currently considering shifting engines. Previously there were some problems with our process when only a limited amount of team members were able to work in the LÖVE engine. Godot’s visual coding and in general more accessible layout would hopefully be able to fix that.

As I’ve been storyboarding Chapter 1, I’ve been trying to value more focused and efficient storytelling. Among other things, I’ve been reevaluating dialogue choices, as I felt they didn’t add much value as they were. So I’m thinking that they might be left for only significant choices, or perhaps just left all together. But it’s not set in stone yet. I’d be interested to hear what you guys think? Maybe comparing Chapter 0 and the Alpha/Demo for example. Either way, going forward there will also be more of a focus on the battles. Battles often act as the climax of each chapter, and I felt that the battle in Chapter 0 was left somewhat bare bones. Therefore the plan is to shift our attention a bit more towards battles, so I hope you look forward to more interesting battle encounters in the future!

That’s all for now. If you have any thoughts about the above, or want to let us know your hopes and dreams for Chapter 1 or the future of Ever End, feel free to comment below! We are open to discussion and read everything you guys send us!

Emil Kiviniemi
Artist, Writer

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