Chapter 1 and the Future of Ever End

After an intense week of buildup, Ever End Chapter 0 has finally been released! If you managed to miss it, please check it out here!
However, some might be wondering, what’s next for the Ever End project? How long will we have to wait for Chapter 1? As of now, things aren’t very clear cut, and therefore we want to address these concerns.

First off, as some of you might have heard, the team is currently undergoing changes, moving away from local in-person development to an online method due to necessity. We have been slowly adjusting to these new circumstances, but are far from being able to estimate how effective development is going to be going forward. As those who have been following us know, we also have a track record of delays and long periods of media silence. Taking both of these things into consideration makes it hard for us to make any solid promises concerning the future of the project as of right now.

Our intent is to continue development on Ever End Chapter 1 as soon as possible. Due to our new circumstances, development will most likely be even slower than it has been so far, and if worse comes to worst, we might be forced to cease development. We want especially our Patreons who are pledging to us monthly, to be aware of this, since we would hate for them to feel abused. Only pledge to us if you want to support us and Ever End regardless of these factors. We will give updates as soon as we are able to better estimate our development time. So we hope that when that time comes, there are still some who are willing to delve into the world of Ever End once more!

Team Amaranthine

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