Release Announcement!

It’s finally time to release Ever End Chapter 0! The first chapter of the motion comic game will release in exactly one week on September 24th on Keep reading for details concerning pricing, the coming week leading up to release, how you can show your support and more!

For starters, we are bringing back the countdown in all its glory! Starting today, there will be a new character visiting the countdown page every day leading up to release! Will you be able to see all of them? We hope you enjoy! Click here to get to the countdown.

That’s not all! New music, screenshots and more will also be posted along the way on our various media platforms. Please help us out on this last stretch by sharing our content and telling your friends about Ever End, so that the release of Chapter 0 reaches as many people as possible!

Lastly for some practical info.

On the day of release, Patreons who have pledged $10/month or more will receive their download codes through direct message on Patreon. For others, the game will be available for purchase on our page for $6.99 on the same date.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, been patient and waited for us to finally stumble to where we are now. The last week before release is coming up, so now more than ever, it’s time to get hyped up! Stay tuned!

Team Amaranthine

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