Ever End is a visual novel-action game hybrid with a manga inspired presentation. Story is told through cinematic visual novel segments, and combat encounters use a fully 2D animated action battle system.

This is a demo that gives you a taste of the story, world and gameplay. The game is still under development and may not equate to what the final experience will be like.




Follow End, an ex-soldier with a mysterious power, on her quest to redeem herself by saving her sister, Zero, from a corrupt Organisation. In this demo End and Zero are trying to escape a lockdown of The Organisation headquarters while learning to cooperate after having been separated for several years. They are however stopped in their tracks by End’s self-proclaimed rival Quit, who has been hired by The Organisation to take them down. Make sure that End and Zero will be able to tackle the obstacles ahead on their journey to freedom.


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Whats next?

With gathered feedback and experience, we are taking this project to next step. Team Amaranthine is back in full production, creating a game with a strong link between visual novel and gameplay. Ever End will be released episodically, which helps us focus  development as well as allowing us to release the game sooner!