Ever End: Chapter 0

Ever End is a motion comic and action game hybrid, being developed by Team Amaranthine. The game features an action-packed coming of age story with a flashy visual direction. Check out the first chapter now available on itch.io!


You play as End, a young soldier with psychic powers, who is dead set on saving her sister Zero from an unfortunate fate.


The beginning of the end is here and a struggle against fate begins, as everything will start from ZERO!

In Chapter 0 you follow End’s childhood, as she and Zero discover their psychic powers for the first time. How will these two innocent kids approach these reality-bending powers? Are they safe to use, or do they carry an unforeseen cost? What dark secrets lie beneath the surface of their seemingly normal lives? 

Ever End: Chapter 0 - Soldier encounterEver End: Chapter 0 - End reaching for a bug!


In the demo, the two sisters are trying to escape a lockdown of the Organisation headquarters, while learning to cooperate after having been separated for several years. They are however stopped in their tracks by End’s self-proclaimed rival Quit, who has been hired by the Organisation to take them down. Will End and Zero will be able to tackle the obstacles ahead on their journey towards freedom?

Button leading to Team Amaranthine's itch.io page for the video game Ever End Alpha/Demo

An intense fighting scene from the game Ever End Alpha/Demo Scene from the game Ever End Alpha/Demo

Scene from the game Ever End Alpha/Demo Intense fighting scene with a battle from the game Ever End Alpha/Demo 


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